Convicts and employees

Descendants' Day at Dalwood 2022


The Dalwood Restoration Association, whose members include both Wyndham and convict descendants, cordially invites the descendants of the convicts, Indigenous people, German vine-dressers, free immigrants, and colonial born employees who worked at any of the Wyndham properties at Dalwood (Branxton), Mahngarinda (Merriwa), Colly Blu (Liverpool Plains), Bukkulla and Nullamanna (McIntyre River) or Keelgyrah (Richmond River) between 1828 and 1900, and during Dalwood’s later ownership by Penfolds and Wyndham Estate Wines, and anyone interested in history to join them for:

Lunch at Dalwood Cellars, Hunter Valley

Saturday 3 September 2022 at 11 am

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Our previous Descendants' Day was held in 2019.


Recent research indicates that George Wyndham had over 150 convicts assigned to work on his various properties between 1828 and 1849. The list below is a preliminary list of convicts who worked for George Wyndham. There is a further list of names of people who have not yet been fully identified, but appear to have worked for Wyndham.

If you are descended from any of these people, or from anyone else not listed, who worked for Wyndham, please contact

Are you descended from anyone on this list?


Preliminary list of convicts who worked for George Wyndham at Dalwood (Branxton), Mahngarinda (Merriwa), Colly Blu (Liverpool Plains), Bukkulla (McIntyre River), Nullamanna (McIntyre River) or Keelgyrah (Richmond River):

Name Ship Arrived
Abrian, Henry Clyde 1832
Ahern, Patrick Marquis of Huntley 1827
Allan, James Clyde 1837
Allen, John Brewing Clyde 1832
Allen, Thomas Florentia 1830
Arnold, William Clyde 1832
Ayres, Valentine Surry 1819
Bagley, Frances Burrell 1832
Bagnall, William Albion 1827
Balls, Thomas Royal George 1828
Barnes, Thomas Asia 1830
Beard, Michael Eliza 1827
Biggins, Thomas Clyde 1837
Boland, Anthony Marquis of Huntley 1828
Bradford, James Alfred Princess Royal 1823
Breene, Michael Havering 1849
Brett, Jane Louisa 1830
Brien, John Marquis of Huntley 1828
Brogan, James Marquis of Huntley 1828
Brotheridge, William Waterloo 1833
Brown, Henry Surry 1834
Brown, Patrick Marquis of Huntley 1828
Brown, John Waterloo 1833
Browne, William Canada 1819
Byrnes, John Havering 1849
Cannon, James Ferguson 1829
Carroll, Thomas Havering 1849
Casey, John John Barry 1828
Chorlton, James Mellish 1829
Coleman, Joseph Larkins 1829
Callinan, John Norfolk 1832
Collins, James Norfolk 1829
Connolly, James Asia 1828
Connolly, James Ferguson 1829
Connor, James John Barry 1821
Connors, John Havering 1849
Copenhurst, Emma Mary Anne 1839
Corcoran, Jeremiah Larkins 1829
Cotton, Richard Jane 1831
Coughlan, Bernard Havering 1849
Cousins, James Ferguson 1829
Coyle, Catherine Hooghly 1831
Croft, Ismael Norfolk 1837
Cunniff, Mary Margaret 1839
Curley, Elizabeth Hooghly 1831
Currane, Michael Havering 1849
Curren, John Castle Forbes 1824
Curtis, Nicholas Lord Sidmouth 1820
Dacey, James Camden 1831
Daly, Bridget Margaret 1839
Dangerfield, James Asia 1825
Davis, Obadiah Marquis of Huntley 1828
Donoho, Patrick Lonach 1825
Dent, John Vittoria 1829
Dewsnap, Thomas Asia 1828
Draper, Grace Mary Anne 1835
Duggan, Michael Havering 1849
Eccles, Richard Lord Lyndoch 1833
Errington, Thomas Lord Lyndoch 1838
Fearne, Thomas Exmouth 1831
Faugkner, Patrick Blenheim 1839
Feeney, Timothy Earl St Vincent 1818
Field, George Marquis of Hastings 1826
Finch, John Captain Cook 1833
Fogarty, Edward Java 1833
Frazer, Anne Brothers 1827
Gamble, Jane Mary Anne 1834
Gibbons, Michael Larkins 1837
Gibson, David (John Sinclair) Champion 1827
Grady, John Havering 1849
Greenwood, Thomas Nithsdale 1836
Hamill, Jacob Cambridge 1827
Hawkins, William Henry Porcher 1835
Healy, Michael Boyne 1826
Heloise, Joseph A F Lady Harewood 1832
Heskins, Louisa Roslyn Castle 1830
Hill, John Lord Lyndoch 1833
Hodwell, David Norfolk 1837
Howells, Maria Competitor 1828
Hughes, Elizabeth Competitor 1831
Irvine, Thomas Boyne 1826
Jackson, Anne Grenada 1827
Jenkins, James Albion 1828
Jones, George Powell Susan 1836
Jones, William Henry Lady Nugent 1835
Keane, Thomas Eliza 1829
Keen, Catherine Lucy Davidson 1829
Kearney, John Ferguson 1829
Kenny, Daniel Waterloo 1831
Kent, Richard Heroine 1833
Kimmerley, James Lord Melville 1829
Laddams, Benjamin Charles Kerr 1836
Lawler, Cavin Havering 1849
Lawless, John Waterloo 1831
Lee, Herbert Clyde 1832
Lloyd, Isabella Grenada 1825
Lock, John Guildford 1824
Lund, John Larkins 1817
Lynch, Michael Lonach 1825
McBean, John Strathfieldsay 1836
McCarthy, Patrick Havering 1849
McDonald, Ann Forth 1830
McGough, Michael Elizabeth 1829
McInerny, Joseph Eliza 1829
McKeon, Bryan Regalia 1826
McLennan, Michael Isabella 1823
McManus, James Minerva 1818
Magee, James Havering 1849
Magrath, James (Magraw) John Barry 1821
Maher, John Eliza 1829
Malowney, Patrick Lonach 1828
Manning, Patrick Blenheim 1834
Marron, Michael Mary Anne 1819
Meredith, John Java 1833
Meany, Bridget Forth 1830
Meredith, Robert Java 1833
Mehan, Darby Havering 1849
Moran, Michael Eliza 1832
Moran, Patrick Eliza 1832
Moore, Ann Asia 1830
Murtagh, John Dorothy 1820
Neale, William Castle Forbes 1824
Niblett, John Westmoreland 1835
Nixon, Joseph Lloyds 1837
Noonan, Michael Havering 1849
Nulty, Thomas (McNulty) Lord Sidmouth 1821
O'Brien, James James Pattison 1830
O'Neil, John Eliza 1827
Price, Henry Baring 1819
Quinlan, Patrick Havering 1849
Quint, John Eliza 1829
Rafferty, James Hercules 1830
Redmond, James Calcutta 1837
Reeves, Esther Buffalo 1834
Robertson, Edward Larkins 1829
Robinson, John Clyde 1832
Rostram, William Waterloo 1838
Rourke, Francis Calcutta 1837
Russell, William Asia 1832
Ryan, William Havering 1849
Simpson, Ann Princess Royal 1829
Slater, Roger Asia 1833
Smyth, Bridget Pyramus 1836
Stacey, John Emma Eugenia 1838
Stanley, Israel Countess of Harcourt 1823
Sullivan, Michael Castle Forbes 1824
Sullivan, Owen Borodino 1828
Sweeney, Eugene Castle Forbes 1824
Syas, Anne Burrell 1832
Tench, William Borodino 1828
Timson, Ellen Lucy Davidson 1829
Tithers, Charlotte Princess Royal 1829
Tobin, Nicholas Java 1833
Unwin, Francis Albion 1837
Ware, James Katherine Stewart Fowler 1830
Wells, Henry Recovery 1836
West, Mary Ann Fanny 1833
Wood, Henry Norfolk 1829
White, William Hercules 1825
Wright, Elizabeth Numa 1834
Wright, John Nithsdale 1830

Not yet identified

Names in Wyndham's Diary not yet identified as either convicts, former convicts, free immigrants, or colonial born:

Curran, Chapman, Fitzpatrick,
Harris, Hogan, Larkin,
Mawson, Piper, Press,
Smith, Mary Spooner, Coghlan,
Wood, McDonald, Booter,
Nagle, Bill Neill, Macdonagh,
Smith, Anne Kelly, Flanagan,
Micanotti, Sheehan, Brennan,
McGough, Old Barnes

Other people

Other people who worked for Wyndham before 1860:

Catherine Spaulding John Urquhart Edmund King
Alex McLeod Samuel Humbly Jane Humbly
Catherine Lawless Richard Howard William Tuite
William Hedges Richard Cottrell George Campbell
Alex Taylor Patrick Lawless George Beavis
Jeremiah Slaven Alice Martin Benjamin and Elizabeth Baker
Walter Bailey    


If you are descended from any of the above, or anyone else who worked for a Wyndham between 1828 and 1900, or have any corrections or information about any of the above, please contact